Activities – Abseiling

Abseiling (42 m or 12 m) Rates


Brief history of abseiling:

The origin of abseiling is attributed to Jean 199 kb 2Charlet Straton a Chamonix guide who lived from 1840–1925.
Abseiling (from German abseilen, meaning “to rope down” and also called rappelling) – is the controlled descent of a vertical drop from a surface such as a rock face, by means of a rope.

It is a high adrenalin activity and was initially developed for mountain and other rescues. Abseiling has become very popular with tourists as well as corporate groups.


At Ingwenya Tours we make use of a double rope system where a well trained guide controls the progress of the “abseiler”, abseiling down a cliff side to the bottom.

For the more daring client, we also do “rap jumping” (head first) and in summer one can cool down in the bottom pool or jump from a 8 metre cliff into the water.
What to bring: Well worn clothing that is suitable for abseiling such denims and rubber soled shoes (cross trainers or hiking boots), hat and sunscreen. We do supply drinking water, but it is recommended that you do bring additional water – especially in very hot weather.