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5 Reasons for rafting at Hopetown

  • Orange river rafting 3 days and 2 nights @ R2932.00 pp
  • Great rapids
  • Excellent family adventure (safely)
  • Relaxing evenings around a braai
  • Close to Gauteng
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    082 7738 656.

    River rafting Hopetown

    Orange River Hopetown


  • When: Rafting is best from September to May
  • Where: Hopetown (128km from Kimberley-Northern Cape)
  • Who:
    All adventurous souls over 5
    Corporate groups
    Dads & Lads/ Moms & Toms
    Private tours, families and friends
    School groups
  • Why: Big rapids, stargazing, angling, great fun, excellent safety.
  • Accommodation in Hopetown or in a rustic camp on the
    banks of the Orange River. Bookings are essential
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Ingwenya Tours runs the following trips on the Orange river:

  • Hopetown        (128 km from Kimberley on the N12 NC)
  • Pella                (50 km from Pofadder NC)
  • Richtersveld     (120 km from Springbok NC)Relative distances by Garmin maps.
    Hopetown from Sandton:                            611km via
    Pella  from Sandton:                                  1074km via
    Onseepkans from Sandton:                          940 km via
    Richtersveld from Sandton:                        1232km via


Optional: Abseiling, fire walking, team building games, conferencing, star gazing, birding, cliff jumping.


Itinerary for a 3- day tour:
(The operator supplies meals from the first to the last lunch).

Day 1:       Arrival in Hopetown. Overnight as arranged*.

Day 2:       Departure after breakfast from guesthouse (around 7.30 to launch spot). Transport is provided by operator. Cars are left at safe parking spot.
Paddle to “Hubbly Bubbly”, the first formidable rapid and progress to “Hellsgate” the overnight spot. Lunch en route and dinner at “Hellsgate”.

Day 3:     Breakfast at 7.30 and play at Hellsgate. Launch rafts and paddle to “Heart stop rock” a 6 m cliff that is safe to jump from. Camping site on day 3 is at a rapid called “Skeleton Coast”.

Day 4:     Breakfast at 7.30. Starting with a moderate long rapid . If launched early, finishing time can be around 11.00 to 12.00 or we can continue to the next bridge adding an additional 10 km to the last day. Transport back to vehicles is provided by operator.

Accommodation can be arranged in a guesthouse for the night before and after the tour. Alternatively sleep over at a rustic camp at Disselfontein (small huts and ablution blocks)  or sleep at the launching spot (groups to provide own camping equipment).


Pella:   Orange River      


We offer the following at Pella:           


  • Orange River rafting 3½ days including 10 meals               @ R3383.00 pp
  • Orange River rafting 5 days: rates on enquiry
  • Orange River River rafting 8 days: rates on enquiry
  • Abseiling 12 m, 54 m, 80 m                                             @ R280.00 pp
  • Team building
  • Conference facilities
  • Angling
  • Accommodation at Klein Pella is available
  1. When: Orange River rafting at Klein Pella is excellent year round but mid- summer it is extremely hot. Mid-winter has warm/mild days and cool/cold nights.

2. Where: Fifty km west from Pofadder, Northern Cape

3. Who: All adventurous souls over 8. This route (Orange River rafting) was classified as one of the ten best family get away by the Getaway magazine in     SA.
Corporate groups
Private groups
School groups

4. Why: Because it is scenic (desert mountains lining river),provides excellent photographic opportunities and good angling. This route offers the best Orange River rafting with the most rapids of all the Orange River destinations.


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The Richtersveld is a panoramic stretch on the Orange River for both rafting or canoeing. This is a family friendly section with medium rapids and good camping areas on the banks. Angling is exceptional and there are plenty of opportunities for the keen amateur photographer.

You will need a passport for this trip. Protection from sunburn is crucial -hats are essential as well as sunscreen.

Information and rates for both Richtersveldt and Onseepkans on request.

Tailor-made and budget packages available.

Discounts for groups bigger than 15 persons as well as for children.

Special rates for school groups of 40 and more.

The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa, rising from the Drakensberg area in Lesotho, 3000 m above sea level. In Lesotho it is called the “Senqu” and it runs into the Atlantic ocean at Alexander Bay – a distance of some 2200 km. Many municipalities in South Africa are dependent on the Orange river for water.

Alluvial deposits of diamonds were carried into the sea by the Orange River at Alexander Bay. Pockets of the gems were left on the banks of the Orange River and is being mined all along its length downstream.
Numerous recreational activities such as rafting, team building and water sports take place on the river. Lodges sprung up and an abundance of accommodation is available from the Garieb Dam to the Richtersveld area.