Corporate Functions and Events




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Team building Parys

When planning your next corporate
event, Ingwenya tours is well placed
to render assistance in order to ensure
that your objectives are met.

We have up to 15 different
venues available to choose from.
Options include lodges, guest
houses and bush camps in the
Parys area; and hotels and guest
houses in Vanderbijlpark and

Corporate events can be tailor-
made to your specific requirements
ensuring a memorable experience
or all involved.

Corporate Year-end functions:

Year-end-function 2


Year-end function Ingwenya tours

For a well structured event, the inputs
from the client is essential. A variety
of catering options are available.
If evening activities and catering
are part of the itinerary, a sleep-
over is advisable. 

Facilities includes swimming
pools, bars, and restaurants.
Ingwenya tours will custom build
a year-end function package to
meet your requirements.

Corporate team building:

Team building is a group process
intervention aimed at improving
interpersonal relations and social

Over time,this activity has
developed into addressing                                                                                     B&W
best practices to achieve
results, meeting goals and
accomplishing tasks.

Corporate team building may
be just a fun filled event that
includes activities, meals and

Alternatively corporate team
building can be an outcomes-
based plan involving classroom
work, additional facilitators and
an on-site visit to the workplace,
involving all relevant role players
in their own corporate


Ingwenya tours conferencing

Conference in Parys

Ingwenya Tours can arrange
a venue to suit your needs.

A variety of venues are available.
Facilities include among
others multiple conference/
break-away rooms with and
projection facilities, bars and

We shall be able to custom-made
you a conference according to your
specific requirements- from theme
dinners to a mini-raft with sun-
downers on the river.



Ingwenya Tours is well-placed
to assist you in organizing your
next bosberaad ensuring it is                                                                      300-pix
customized to your specific need.
A variety of venues are available
for a “bosberaad”.

Apart from the usual conference
facilities; break-away rooms are
also available to allow delegates
to work undisturbed on assigned

Accommodation and meals can
be arranged as needed.
Theme dinners; a mini-raft on the
river that includes having sun-
downers while watching the
sun set are options available.


Fun days (Corporate)

Ingwenya tours team building

Team building and 4×4

Corporate “Fun days” are aimed
at team building with an emphasis
on maximizing participants’
enjoyment and getting to know
each other.

Various activities, catering and
accommodation options are
available that include river rafting,
drumming and fire walking.

An amazing race which
last half a day can be organized
and results in getting all participants
to utilize their specific skills to the
benefit of their respective teams
for improved communication and
team work.