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Vagabond Kayaks (recreational)

Vagabond recreational kayaks

All recreational kayaks are available as fishing kayaks or could be fitted out for this purpose, afterwards.

Fluid has created an excellent range of sit-on-top kayaks with good after sale services. It is easy to paddle and and to get back on.
Kayaks could be delivered anywhere in South Africa.

Synergy:            This 2 man kayak could double as a touring kayak and do well for sea fishing.
It is good for 2 people paddling together on dams and lagoons. It can even accommodate one kid in the middle. Great for rentals at venues.

Chumani:         The Chumani is a smaller version of the Synergy and is fast, track well and is good for fishing.

Buddy:               This is an excellent kayak and do well on rivers at medium water levels and is easy to  paddle for all levels of expertise.

Locomotion:   The concept of the Buddy was build into the locomotion for use at venues where          more than one person needs to paddle together. Kayaks are linked together and any number of kayaks could be added to create a train of kayaks. For fun’s sake.

Vaya:                  The Vaya was developed with active kids in mind (under 8 years) who want to paddle on their own with parental guidance.

Do-it-now:       The Do-it-now is a transitional kayak, (sit-on-top with leg straps) meant for the paddler who want to run white water without the hassle of the eskimo roll needed in sit-in kayaks. It does well on bigger water levels. Not totally a beginners kayak but easily be mastered.
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