Activities – Drumming


The drum is the oldest known musical instrument in the world dating back to 4000 BC. Drumming is used not only for their musical qualities, but also as a means of communication over great distances. The talking drums of Africa are used to imitate the tone patterns of spoken language.1

Drumming work best in the evenings around a campfire, possibly in a boma area.
As an activity for parties and team building, it is non-threatening. All can partake in drumming since no experience is required. Each participant receives an instrument, mostly African (Djembi) drums of various sizes and other assorted musical items.

Under the guidance of the drum “master” the group plays a variety of tunes/rhythms and eventually combine them to make beautiful music.200 pix hoog
For team building events, drumming is an excellent activity to enhance group cohesion. It is a popular activity for corporate groups, birthday and bachelor’s parties.

Optional extras that can be arranged during drumming sessions: