River Rafting Parys

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Orange River rafting  
River rafting Parys

Six in a boat?


The best rafting in Parys

Discounts available for

Bigger groups
Bachelor parties
T’s & C’s apply

Options for river rafting in Parys:

1:   Rocky to Sunwa                             R295.00pp
Takes 2 to 2½ hours and includes 9 rapids.
Rapids are level 1 to 2 at standard water levels (15 to 20m³/s)

2:   Town to Rocky                                R285.00pp
Takes 3 to 3½  hours. One level 3 rapid.
Minimum of 8 persons

Bachelors parties

Bachelors party Parys

3:   Town to Sunwa (full day)         R495.00pp
5 tot 8 hours including refreshments and “River Lunch”.
This route also includes the only grade 3 rapid at standard
river levels.
Takes 5 to 8 hours depending various factors.

Cost calculator

4:   Multi day rafting: Rafting 2 days, sleeping on a wild Island.
Minimum of 10 persons.

Optional add-ons:

Sundowners and rafting    R95.00
Hamburger braai (x2)        R65.00

 Parys river rafting

Parys river rafting

Questions to ask before booking:
What:       Activity, time required, catering, accommodation?
Where:     Vaal River Parys, Deneysville, Orange river?
When:      Date and time of arrival and departure?
Why:        What are you planning, just a fun day, team building,
birthday party, bachelor’s party, catering,
accommodation for a stay over.


Can novices go too? Experience is not required.
After paddle instructions and a safety talk,
all participants should be able to do it safely.

Parys River rafting

Vaal River Parys

What if I can’t swim? Each person receives a life
jacket and helmet. Trained guides will accompany
the group.

Is it safe? It is safe but accidents may happen since it is
an outdoors adventure.
We had no serious incidents in 18 years.

Can children go? Depending on water levels and the
children’s water affinity, we take kids as young as
two year old.

What type of boat do you make use of? We use
two man inflatables for river rafting trips on standard
water levels. At higher levels, we use of bigger rafts.

River rafting Parys

River rafting Parys

Can I go if I am pregnant? That is not recommended
but it will be your call to make.

How about medical conditions? The trip leader
have to know about it as well as the where about of
your medication. For persons with serious conditions,
it will be better to consult with his/her doctor.

What should I bring? The best sunscreen, quick
drying clothing, cap and high levels for sense of fun.
Clothing should be dedicated to protect you against
sunburn while river rafting. Shoes are not essential
but help to protect your feet, dry clothing for after the
rafting. Bring dry clothing for after the take-out.

May I smoke? You may take your cigarettes on the river
in a waterproof container as well as a screw cap container
for the cigarette buts.

Are there crocodiles in the river? No, but please notice
the guides if you see any, they would like to get of the river
first. (stupid joke)

We do supply guides, safety talk, safety and rafting
equipment and refreshments on the river.
Leave valuables at home or in the car. Jewelry often
get lost on the river and cell phones get wet.
We do not charge for photography when available.
Please bring a USB memory stick for the purpose.

River rafting Parys

River rafting Parys and upper Vaal

General info:
The Vaal River originates in the Standerton district joining
the Orange River close to Douglas in the Northern Cape.
The Vaal River feeds the Vaal dam, the main source of water
for Johannesburg and the Vaal triangle.
Water releases from the Vaal Dam allows a constant volume
of water in the Vaal River for rafting. In the rainy season additional
water drains from the Suikerbosrand and Klip Rivers into the Vaal,
making for very exciting rafting at Parys.

Parys River Rafting

Parys River rafting- high water levels

Parys is a small town on the bank of the Vaal River and only two hours’ drive from Johannesburg.  It has developed over the last ten years into an outdoor adventure and tourist hub. Bree and Water streets are both alive with little art and antique shops. There is a choice of up to 32 restaurants and eateries to suit any palate, whilst numerous lodges, hotels and guesthouses provide accommodation to visitors.

Two of the bigger islands on the river were developed into golf estates. “Groot Eiland”, on which “Vaal De Crace” was developed, was once a serious bone of contention. The rivalry between the Free state and Transvaal Republics was about the provincial border, since both wanted control of the island because of its agricultural value.

Legend has it that the Republics sent designee to “Oom Paul” to ask for his advice. He instructed them to put a bottle upstream from the island into the river and see what side it passes on. That would decide the main current and hence who will have claim to the property. So it ended up as part of the Free State Province.

Parys is also home to the Vredefort Dome, created by a meteorite impact 2023 mega-annum – Ma. (Ma depicts a million years).  Below is a brief archaeological history:

  1. 45000 Ma            Earth was created
  2. 3500 Ma:             First life -basically algae that was found in rock called chert and the first to start producing oxygen
  3. 2023 Ma:             A meteorite the size of Table Mountain collided with earth in the Vredefort area creating the Vredefort Dome. The initial structure (rebound) was 6km high but was eroded over time.
  4. 300 Ma:              First plant and animal life moved onto land.
  5. 65 Ma:                Massive extinction of life
  6. 3 Ma                   First of the homonids (as recorded by paleontologists) wandering about the earth.

But all this sound very sci-phi and a different story also goes round.

To be continued:       “The  Vredefort Mythology”