Fire Walking

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Fire walking is the act of walking
barefoot over a bed of hot embers
or stones.

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Fire walking kid

Fire walking has been practised
by many people and cultures in
all parts of the world, with the
earliest known reference dating
back to 1200 BC. It is often
used as a rite of passage as a test
of an individual’s strength and courage,
or in religion as a test of one’s faith.

Modern physics has explained
the phenomenon, concluding that
the amount of time the foot is in
contact with the ground (embers)
is not sufficient to induce a burn.
Furthermore it was put forward that
embers are  also not good
conductors of heat.
(Source: Wikipedia).


Fire walking as team building

Fire walking is all about mind
sets and control of thinking
processes.  In a classroom
situation, the principles of fire
are explained and
participants are prepared for
the walk.

A bed of coals (length of 5 m)
is prepared and tested by the
facilitator who will be walking
first. Safety measures are in
place and nobody has to do
the walk if he/she does not feel
up to the challenge.
Alcohol intake prior to the walk
must be kept to a minimum in
order for the persons participating
in the walk to be able to concen-
trate and focus. It is recommended
that to fully appreciate the activity,
it is best done in the late afternoon
and evenings.

Fire walking is never about burning/
blistering or hurt. It is all about
group support and the doors
that open up to each individual
when he/she succeeds achieving
new goals and mind sets.