Old Mutual Orange River Rafting

Sunrise at "Hellsgate" Orange River
“Hellsgate” at Sunrise on Orange River rafting trip

Who: Old Mutual Management Vaal triangle
Where: Orange River, Hopetown
What: White water rafting/team building for 3 days, meals included
When: 24 November 1915
Why: It’s fun, it’s remote and an opportunity for a mind reset.

Orange River Hopetown Hellsgate
The Cha-Cha at “Hellsgate” Orange River Hopetown

The management team of Old Mutual arrived on the 23rd of November at the “Die Stalle Guesthouse” and departed on the 24th on the Orange River Rafting trip. Luncheon on the run with a watermelon to quench the thirst. “Hubbly Bubbly” was the first major rapid and went without incident.

On approaching “Hellsgate” we had a capsize and rescue 200m above the rapid. We ran “Hellsgate” twice before sunset at a difficult level without any incidents. High adrenaline activity.

Orange River rafting at Hopetown
Breakfast on the Orange River with Chantel

Sundowners, a braai, and the bed was the following priority. Most bedded down on either upturned rafts or inflatable mattresses, next to the rapid keeping an eye on the water levels. The next morning the sun caught everyone in bed. After breakfast and launch straight into the current, we had some swimmers down the shoot. Quite some excitement.

More swimmers at Sideways Sarel.

We made it early to the next campsite, “Skeleton coast”, with everyone hiding from the sun behind boats.

Orange River rafting Camp at "Skeleton Coast"
Orange River rafting Camp at “Skeleton Coast”
“Trip leader Ferocious Crocdilius jnr” for Hopetown rafting tour


  • Mirinda Kruger
  • Thabo Sello
  • MJ Siaga
  • Success Mathebula
  • At Bezuidenhout
  • Charles de Fortier
  • Marileen Bezuidenhout
  • Louw Lubbe