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Team Building Games


Fire walking

200 pix team build1 of 5 Team building Games: ABSEILING PARYSAbseiling 42 meters 200 pix fire walkCorporate fire walking
Time frame: 2 to 3 hours

What to bring/wear:
Outdoor clothing, sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen.
Minimum participants:  8 p

Rates -refer rates page

Where: Venue of your choice

During our team building games, the main emphasis is to assist groups to attain group cohesion while enjoying themselves and having fun.

Some team building games include more activities than others and a moderate level of fitness may be required.

Team building exercises can include a combination of classroom sessions and outdoor activities.

In order to get an understanding of the main objective for the team building intervention, it is recommended that the facilitator meets with both management and members of staff – at the workplace.

Follow-up communication sessions may also be necessary to monitor progress made in terms of the original objective(s) set.

Time frame: 15 minutes/person

What to bring/wear:
Outdoor clothing, rubber soled shoes, hat, sunscreen.
Minimum participants: 6 p

Rates: From R 210.00 pp

Where: Leeuwkop quarry at Parys
No previous experience is needed

Abseiling is widely used for rescue operations, during hostage situations and mountaineering.

Lately it has become very popular as a recreation activity for team building (corporate groups); birthdays and groups of friends looking for an adrenaline rush.

Even school groups and smaller kids enjoy the thrill.

Inqwenya Tours make use of the “Leeuwkop Quarry” at Parys that comprises a 42 meter cliff and a pool at the bottom.

Guests can also swim in the pool and the more adventu-rous can jump from an eight meter cliff into the pool.

Apart from providing facilitators that deliver guidance during the abseiling activity, Ingwenya Tours also supply abseiling equipment and drinking water. Guests should wear shoes with rubber soles (trainers or hiking boots), sturdy outdoor clothing, hat and sunscreen. Photos may be taken during the abseiling event.


Time frame: 1½ hour

What to bring/wear:
Denims and a positive attitude
Minimum participants: 10 p

Rates:  Refer rates pageWhere: Venue of your choice
No previous experience is needed.Fire walking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones. READ MORE: Fire walking has been practiced by many people and cultures in all parts of the world, with the earliest known reference dating back to  1200 BCE.
It is often used as a rite of passage testing an individual’s strength and courage, or in some religions as a test of one’s faith. Modern physics has explained the phenomenon, concluding that the amount of time the foot is in contact with the ground is not sufficient to induce a burn, combined with the fact that embers are not good conductors of heat. “Excerpt from Wikipedia”
Fire walking is all about mind sets and control of thinking processes. In a classroom situation, the principles of fire walking are explained and participants prepare for the walk. A bed of coals (5 m long) is prepared and tested. The facilitator walk first. Safety measures are in place and nobody is forced to do the walk – only those who are convinced of their mental readiness for the challenge. Alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum for the walkers to be able to concentrate and focus. In order to fully appreciate the activity, it is best done in the late afternoon and evenings.Fire walking is all about group support and the doors that open to each individual when he/she succeeds in creating new goals and mind sets.

Bachelor’s party in Parys

River Rafting Parys


Opt-41-k-200-hight-Pixels” Bachelor boys” 33-k-hight-200pFun Run @ “Gatsien” 200Pix-HightDrum leader in action
Time frame: Depending on activities selected
What to bring/wear: depend on activities selectedMinimum participants: 6 pax

Rates: Depending on activities and accommodation selected.
Time frame:

What to bring/wear: Quick drying sun protective clothing, lots of sunscreen, shoes and cap. Dry clothing for afterwards.
Minimum participants: 6 p

Rates:  Refer rates page
River rafting options:
Standard ½ day rafting (2 to 2.5 hours)
Long ½ day (3 to 3.5 hours) and includes 9 rapids
Full day rafting ( 6 to 8 hours) including River lunch
Multi day rafting sleeping over either on an inhabited island or on the banks at one of the venues. A tour duration of up to 3 days is possible and may include any of the other activities.Vaal at Deneysville:
Long ½ day: 2 to 4 hoursSwimming ability or previous experience is not a prerequisite for rafting.
Our guides are trained in white water rafting, safety and rescue.

During 18 years of operating no serious accidents occurred.

We provide refreshments, guides and transport to and from launching and take-out points as well as all rafting and safety equipment.
Optional: Catering, river lunches, dinners and/or breakfasts, braais, sun downers. 

Time frame: 1 -1.5 hours

Minimum participants: 8 pax

Rates: Refer Rates page

Drumming is an excellent team building activity. It is most effective in the evening around a campfire.

All can partake because no experience is required. Each participant receives an instrument, mostly African (Djembi) drums of various sizes and other assorted musical items.Under the guidance of the drum “master” the group plays a variety of tunes/rhythms and eventually combine them to make beautiful music.

READ MORE: For team building this is an excellent experience and work well to bring people closer. Success in making music is also an achievement.Alcohol should be kept to a minimum because concentration is needed for success.This is good for corporate groups, birthdays and bachelor’s parties.Optional extras:


 Orange River Hopetown
read more

 Orange River Pella
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 200 pix Inflatables  200 pix Orange River Hopetown  200 pix Orange River at Pella
Choose any number of inflatables for an exciting team building event. 3 Days White water rafting at Hopetown Orange River  4 to 8 Days scenic Orange River rafting, numerous rapids and photographic opportunity.


 Raft Fishing


200-pix-Dads-and-lads-on-thGrandfather/grandson bonding 200 pix Yellow-fishing-on-the-Orange river 200 pix archery 3
Richtersveld Orange River rafting 5 to 8 days  Raft fishing Vaal and Orange River  Archery:

4×4 Team building


At Parys we offer team building with a difference. We combine 4×4 trips and team building into a great day of fun and adventure.